This watchface tracks my working hours with the click of a button and allowed me to go from a 60+ to a manageable ~45 hour workweek. In addition to this it also displays several metrics regarding my sleep, health and habits. Having all this information on hand allowed me to sleep better, work better and finally find more time for my other projects.

This software only supports Pebble watches. It has been tested on Pebble Classic, Pebble Time and Pebble 2HR.

Installing the watchface

Once you have the file (refer to the Developer Guide for instructions), just transfer it to your phone and open it. Both the official Pebble app and GadgetBridge should be able to open these files and will automatically propose to install them on the watch.

Understanding the watchface

To maximize screen utilization the watchface is designed without a border. When seen on the device the black border around the screen acts as the actual border, however on a white background the screenshot below becomes less legible than on the real device.
screenshot 20171103 105119

The screen is divided in five main parts from top to bottom, respectively:

  1. Sleep bar

  2. Calendar and sleep average

  3. Current time and bluetooth indicator

  4. Step count (or heart rate) and workweek counter

  5. Work bar

Most entries are self-explanatory, however all the information displayed inside the top and bottom bars requires some description.

The sleep bar

This bar displays your sleep history for the last night, periods of deep and regular sleep are rendered in white and gray respectively, any period of wakefullness would be rendered in black. The numbers below the sleep bar display the following values (from left to right):

  1. Time fallen asleep

  2. Total sleep for the night, in hours

  3. Total deep sleep for the night, in hours

  4. Sleep debt (if negative) or credit (if positive) for the current week, in hours

  5. Time woken up

The sleep debt calculation simply uses the average sleep time as reported by the watch and accumulates any deviations from it, in either direction, over the course of the week. The sleep debt counter is reset every weekend.

The work bar

Similarly to the sleep bar at the top, the work bar at the bottom of the screen renders different activities in different colours, white corresponds to work and gray to rest, sleep periods, if any, would be marked in black.

Work and rest periods are tracked manually by simply putting the watch in and out of quiet mode (for tracking work and rest respectively), this command can be associated with the top-left button of the watch. From experience, once gotten in the habit, this makes such manual tracking essentially effortless.

The numeric values displayed above the work bar read as follows (again, from left to right):

  1. Commute time (or time to get to work since waking up)

  2. Start time at work

  3. Total time worked for the day, in hours

  4. Total time rested for the day, in hours

  5. Time of the last state transition (end of last break if currently working, start of last break if currently not working)

  6. Length of last transition, in hours

The emoji next to the workweek counter changes when sleeping (😴), working (😐) or resting (😊) in order to convey what state the watchface is currently in. The counter is reset every week.

Now that all the elements in the watchface are known, the screenshot presented previously can be interpreted as follows:

screenshot 20171103 105119
  • I fell asleep at 1:13, woke up at 8:13, with exactly seven hours of sleep, half of which in deep sleep.

  • I have been sleeping 6.7 hours a night on average, and have accumulated 3.2 hours of sleep above this average this week.

  • It is Friday the 3rd (the month, November in this case, is not shown)

  • I walked 2843 steps (and my heart rate is below 90, or it would be shown instead)

  • I got to work at 9:41, or almost one and a half hours after waking up

  • I worked for 9.4 hours, with one break around lunch and one in the evening

  • I left work at 20:30, 2.3 hours ago (now it’s 22:51), and I have been free for 3.7 hours today so far

  • I am currently not working but I have worked almost 48 hours so far this week (more than I should have but still less than before I wrote the app)